Who We Are


PLAY (Personalized Learning Adventures for Youth) provides enrichment and tutoring services for all subjects to children in the Brookings and surrounding areas (available to students preschool through middle school). Lesson plans and activities are tailored to each student’s personal interests, strengths, and desired area of growth and takes place in small learning groups. At PLAY, we strive to encourage, engage, and excite children about learning. We aim to instill confidence and curiosity and to encourage students to value themselves as lifelong learners. 

What We Do


-We Explore

We always ask questions and seek out the answers. Tutors guide students to use their minds, resources at PLAY, and work with other learners in explorations to solve problems, come up with new ideas, and acquire new knowledge and skills.


-We Empower

At PLAY, we know that children are creative, intelligent, and capable of so much. At PLAY, students often take the lead to solve the problems in front of them. We also know that “failures” are simply learning opportunities and our mistakes are proof we are trying and we simply need to try again. We encourage students to take ownership and pride in their learning and growth.


-We Create

At PLAY, we love to imagine, build, design, and invent. Whether we are learning how something works and attempting to make our own version or bringing a completely new idea to life or using arts and crafts or music to express our thoughts, idea, and feelings, we love to create.


-We Collaborate

Working together is the best way to learn! At PLAY, students work with the other children in their learning group to tackle problems and reach their goals. At PLAY, we know each child has an incredible strength they bring to their group and we aim to help shine a light on those strengths during lessons. There is so much that children can teach one another and at PLAY, we give them the opportunity to do just that.


-We Problem Solve

In life and in learning, there is always a problem to solve or an obstacle to overcome. At PLAY, we don’t shy away from challenges. We help students develop problem solving and other important skills that not only help them in the classroom, but help them develop a love of learning and solving problems.


-We Grow

At PLAY, we set goals, work hard to reach them, and encourage one another in that process. Growth and success are never linear- we may sometimes take a step back or our path may zigzag , but we push forward. Throughout our lessons, we have fun, but also seek out new knowledge and skills.

Impact Stories

Megan Nelson

"Having the services that PLAY offers in our community is such an asset. Having both of our children attend is one of our weekly priorities as it gives them an additional opportunity to expand their minds, explore different ways to learn and problem solve, as well as meeting other learners their age. Miss Cassie puts joy into learning and we are so thankful for her enthusiasm and passion for teaching!"

Jess Murano

"We have four children who all have attended PLAY. Our youngest son, in particular, despises school. He gets bored. He acts silly. He checks out. Ms. Cassie has celebrated this. She makes learning fun! Everytime he comes home from PLAY, he can't stop talking about all the games he played, where they went, and what he learned. Yes, he is learning things at a faster rate working with Ms. Cassie than he does during the school year and they are sticking. He remembers! Plus, he is excited to go back each week. 


The way Ms. Cassie has sparked his love for learning is beyond anything I could have hoped for and it doesn't stop with him. ALL FOUR of my kids love Ms. Cassie. She has a warmth about her that makes people gravitate towards her. She is called to do this work and it shows in each child's face that leaves her classes."


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